A Good Place: The Facebook group celebrating to the lonely, post-apocalyptic now

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Greta Rainbow was the writer and interviewer for this piece.

“More than half of Facebook users belong to a ‘Group.’ These could be for organizing carpools, sharing chunky cat memes, or coordinating a Biology 101 study group. They could be private or public, big or small, and cultivating these ‘specific communities’ living within Facebook’s big tent are one of Mark Zuckerberg’s chief priorities. My favorite “specific community” is LoneCore, dedicated to sharing photos of waiting rooms, empty champagne bottles, and Santa hats for sale.

LoneCore, which now has 1,400 members, was started on April 14, 2015 by artist Jody Hargreaves in Montreal. But the concept, or philosophy or art practice, was already in motion, two provinces away. David Cowan had recently moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, working temp jobs out of a business park in a dark and snowy tundra. Without friends in the city, Cowan started solo exploring the canals and bridges and neighboring lots, places “where often there isn’t art or art activity.” He looked for community and didn’t come up with much.