Playlist: Getting into Classical Music (from firsthand experience)

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WQXR is New York City’s only classical music radio station, broadcasting live on 105.9 FM.
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Greta Rainbow was the writer and researcher of this piece.

“When I started as an intern at WQXR in January, I did not know classical music. I was interested and “excited to learn,” but I’d never been part of a world where I’m always asked what instrument I play, as opposed to occasionally asked whether I play anything at all. (I don’t. Not since I was in fourth grade, when, wielding my rental flute like a spear to fend off my little sister, I accidentally took out my parents’ stained glass chandelier.) I told my new colleagues my favorite piece was—and perhaps it still is, but picking favorites is terribly gauche—Rhapsody in Blue, and I sensed they were unimpressed.”