School Schmool 2018/2019

Greta Rainbow created the layout, sourced and edited the 270-page planner and handbook
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QPIRG (Québec Public Interest Research Group) is a resource center for student and community research and organizing.

School Schmool is your radical guide to your often unradical school. In 1994, the first editors wrote, “When we say ‘school schmool’ we don’t mean to be dismissive. What we mean is that there are a lot of things going on at university, and school is only one of them.” Though it began as a bi-annual publication that brought together group profiles, articles, and practical resources for social justice, School Schmool is now an ad-free, corporate-free, agenda-with-an-agenda, connecting the McGill, Concordia, and greater Tioh’tia:ke communities.

We hope to bridge (and break) the gap between academia and issues outside the classroom by providing a guidebook where students can find information on resources and initiatives taking place in their communities. We strive to feature content that presents radical, anti-oppressive, and intersectional perspectives on current issues, especially works by Queer and/or Trans people, Black and/or Indigenous people, and other people of colour.