Outside of writing, Greta is a fact-checker, editor, radio producer, photographer, artist and friend. View her resume here.


She Moved To The “Best Place To Live In New York.” Then Things Got Scary. / Bustle

An American Murdered In The Western Pacific / Bustle

The Uptight Girl’s Guide To Psychedelics / Bustle

All Eyes On Phoebe Bridgers / Nylon

An Oral History of COVID Year One, According to Moms / Romper

Rebekah Neumann Fueled WeWork's Collapse / Bustle

Nicole Richie Makes Nice / The Zoe Report

Family Ghosts, a documentary-style storytelling podcast
    The Mission
    Collateral For Ten Million
    The Clotilda Legacy, parts 1—3
    June & George
    His Minor Years
    The Love Family, parts 1—3

On the Media, WNYC’s weekly investigation into how the media shapes our worldview
    The Scarlet E: Unmasking America’s Eviction Crisis, parts 1—4


The Open Ears Project / WQXR and New York Public Radio

Greta was the digital content producer for the first season of the Webby-nominated daily podcast, newsletter and listening initiative

School Schmool 2018-2019 / Quebec Public Interest Research Group

Greta was the co-coordinator and layout designer of the radical student planner and resource guide

All Things McGill / CKUT 90.3

Greta was the host, producer and editor of the weekly show of interviews, music and news bulletins about the obscure corners of McGill University

Ashes, an audiovisual zine

Greta used “bygone” forms of media to express the futurity of broadcasting the struggle for societal change, as inspired by Lizzie Borden’s Born in Flames

The Fine Print Magazine

Greta was an assistant editor and contributing writer to the Montreal-based art, fashion and ideas publication. She interviewed artists like Tomás Saraceno and Brad Phillips, and edited features like “The Artist and the Subject: Discussing Women’s Place in Art.”