School Schmool, a 270-page planner and handbook commissioned by Québec Public Interest Research Group

Greta was the 2018/2019 co-coordinator and layout designer

Ashes, an audiovisual zine

Greta was interested in using “bygone” forms of media and communication as a way to express the futurity of broadcasting the struggle for radical societal change. Inspired by Lizzie Borden’s 1983 fictional documentary Born in Flames, the zine presents visual and sonic evidence of hope-fueled coalition.

The Open Ears Project (New York Public Radio)

Greta was the digital content producer for the first season of the Webby-nominated daily podcast, newsletter and listening initiative

A Conversation with Nancy And Beth (New York Public Radio)

Kids React to Women Composers (New York Public Radio)

All Things McGill, a weekly show of interviews and music (CKUT)